Southwest Trip – Day 6

Shoreline @ Lake Tahoe

Based on Kimberly’s recommendation, we decided to keep our rental car an extra half day and drive down to Lake Tahoe. After eating the Danish rolls we purchased last night, we packed our luggage and checked out of the hotel. We took I-80 to Truckee where we turned south onto Hwy 89. Driving past Squaw Valley Ski Resort, we continued on to Lake Tahoe. We stopped along the shore to take pictures, but the frigid temperature and high winds limited our time on the beach. Proceeding around the lake through King’s Beach to Incline Village, we took a short side trip along Lakeshore Drive to gawk at the wealthy homes dotting the shoreline.

View from Mt. Rose Hwy

Making a circle, we took the scenic Mt. Rose Highway back to Reno. The highway climbed to an elevation of 8900 feet providing breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe below. There was still snow on the ground atop Mt. Rose, and we noticed the tall (probably 10 foot) snow gauges on both sides of the road. Once we made it down the mountain, the return trip to Reno took only about 30 minutes. We decided to check our bags at the Amtrak station, return the rental car, and eat lunch. Joyce and Ron went to the US Bowling Championship to watch the women’s teams vying for the national title while Ed and I grabbed a quick sandwich and played a few slots.

Amtrak Station

We met in the lobby and walked the three or four blocks back to Amtrak. Joyce and Ron took us by the bowling auditorium, and we watched the competition for a few minutes before returning to the station. Our train was early and we left Reno bound for Salt Lake City about 4 PM. Before taking a short nap, I asked Ed to check on reservations for dinner in the dining car. Although we have traveled on Amtrak numerous times, we’ve always eaten in the snack bar instead of the dining car so we thought this might be a welcome change. The food was good, and the views from the car made the meal very enjoyable. After dinner, we sat in the club car for a while watching the high desert scenery before returning to our coach seats to settle in for the overnight ride to Salt Lake City. The train arrived in SLC about 3 AM, and we took a cab to Joyce’s house where we promptly went to bed.

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