NE Trip – Flying Home (Day 7)


Stowe Recreation Path

Joyce and I decided to ride about 9 miles on the Stowe Recreation Path before breakfast. We rode west toward Mount Mansfield and enjoyed the rolling hills and small stream which followed the paved trail. I stopped several times on our return ride to take photographs of the fall leaves.

After working up an appetite, we ate the full breakfast included with our suite at the Golden Eagle Resort. The food was delicious, and we couldn’t believe the meal was included with our room. I had hot chocolate both mornings with French toast & bacon yesterday and poached eggs on English muffins today.


Stowe Community Church

I returned to our suite, showered quickly and packed my belongings before riding my bike about a mile down to Stowe Village. The landmark church steeple guided me to town where I parked my bike to do some last minute shopping.


My Bike Parked Underneath Oak Tree

I bought two hand-painted, antique sap buckets (used to collect maple syrup). I plan to keep one of the buckets and give the other one to my sister. Rushing down to the UPS store at the other end of town, I called Kay to tell her about the buckets and shipping. By the way, she bought three sap buckets to ship back home:) I wandered through the gift shops for about thirty more minutes before returning to my bike for the short ride back to our hotel.


Covered Bridge in Stowe

We packed the car, made one quick stop at Stowe Maple Products, and then headed to the airport in Burlington. Prior to our trip, we made arrangements with Earl’s Cyclery (located near the airport) to box and ship our bikes back to Atlanta. We were impressed with their large store and professional service. They even sold SNOW tires (about 6″ wide; hold 4-5 pounds of air pressure) for bikes. After returning our rental car, we took the shuttle to the airport and caught our flights to Atlanta. Kay and Joyce were flying on buddy passes so I hoped they would make it back to Atlanta tonight. Since I have to teach in the morning, I couldn’t risk flying standby.

A special thank you to Kay Shelnutt for shuttling us, hauling luggage, and having a “whatever it takes” attitude. Her help made our trip much smoother, and we really enjoyed getting to know her better. Kay, you have a standing invitation for any of our remaining trips!


Pumpkins on Courthouse Steps

This has been a wonderful trip! We rode five Hall of Fame Trails between Atlanta and Vermont. I’m ready to get home to my husband and family, but I’m anxious to start planning the four remaining trips that will allow us to complete all 29 trails. Our folding Tern bikes made the trip much easier, and I’m becoming a huge fan of Amtrak!

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