The High Line, NYC, Day 3


Joyce Loading Bike on Amtrak

Since it is now Monday and I’m writing about Saturday and Sunday, this might be short because all events are blending together in my long term memory. We had spent the night in Arlington County and so arrived at the Alexandria Amtrak to go to NYC. The taxi rides are a bit of a hassle but they get us to and from places and it’s a lot less hassle than getting on and off a metro with all our stuff.


Joyce Pushing Bike on Highline Trail

We fairly easily got out of the Amtrak station and walked our bikes four blocks to get on the Highline a Trail. We should have suspected something when we had to carry the bikes up several stairs, but we just adapted and did what we needed to do to ride this Hall of Fame Rail to Trail. It was VERY crowded, so after about 100 feet we decided to just walk the bikes and enjoy the scenery.


Highline Art

The problem was that bikes are not allowed on the trail and never have been, so it’s a mystery as to how it became a Hall of Fame trail. I guess we’re just rebels in a passive innocent way. Actually, we might have done something that other purists (cyclers who want to ride all the trails all the way)  like ourselves won’t be able to do, and that is have a bike on the High Line Trail in NYC.


Kay on the Highline

After the trail patrollers told us to remove our bikes from the trail–“now, not later,” we took them back down to the street level and then went back up to walk the trail until we met up with Kay walking the trail. I guess the trail was neat enough, but not that great.  We headed back to Amtrak a little disappointed.

Three hours after we had left the train, then, we were back at Penn Station preparing to board Amtrak for Providence, Rhode Island. That was a pretty ride also. It was dark when we arrived in Providence, but the train station was not a bad walk to the RIPTA bus stop at Kennedy Plaza.


Waterfire Show

On the way we were able to see the Waterfire show in the river. A big event with music, lots of people, and pits of wood-burning fires spread out all along the middle of the river. It was neat to be lucky and see that, as it’s only once a month.

Our next anxiety was about to become a reality–getting our bikes on the front rack of the bus. We had even re-watched a video on how to do it, which helped, and it was a lot easier than we thought it would be. So we made it to the Bristol Harbor Inn about 10:30 that night. It was a full day!

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