Transition from Seattle to Portland, Day 3


Flower Booth

Set the alarm again for 5 a.m. so that we could eat the free breakfast and then get onto the ferry to get back to Seattle. The days are certainly longer when we get up so early. We actually were the last car on the earlier ferry and so had time to walk around the Public Market to see all the many kinds of fresh fish and flowers and vegetable vendors. The craft people weren’t there yet, as it was only about 8 a.m. It was interesting to see. We also stepped inside the original 1971 Starbucks Coffee Shop, just to see what it looked like: small and no seating, just carry-out.


Club Car

Then we headed to the Amtrak Station. Ron and I waited with the baggage while Martha and Ed returned the rental car. We had arrived about two hours early, so it was a long wait. To pass some time, Ron and I took a walk in downtown Seattle to see Pioneer Park and a waterfall garden wall, a little outdoor sitting area around a waterfall. Nice. Finally we were on Amtrak and arrived in Portland about 3:45. We took a taxi to the rental car place and then drove out to the Mt. Hood area. Pretty drive and we were getting more into rural and then wilderness area.


View of Mt. Hood

After checking in at the Best Western, we headed out to Trillium Lake, an isolated mountain lake with a good view of Mt. Hood. We walked the two miles around the lake and enjoyed being in the wilderness and walking again. Saw no animals (except duck) but did see a bunch of different wild flowers.


View from Lodge

Then we headed up Mt. Hood (by car) to the Timberline Lodge, a neat old lodge from the 1930’s that reminds me of Old Faithful Inn at east Yellowstone. Huge logs/trees provided support structures and a rock fireplace in the middle of the lobby area provided a nice ambience. We had an expensive dinner there, and were glad we were able to have this experience, both to see the lodge and to view the mountain ranges on one side and Mt. Hood on the other.

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