Seattle, Washington, Day 1: August 3, 2013


Rolling Along

Our Northwest rails-to-trails bike trip is actually a combined trip with visiting scenic spots in Washington and Oregon. The trip began with our arrival in Seattle on Saturday via Alaska Airlines. Upon our arrival, we picked up the rental car and then our rental bicycles and rode 20 miles on the Burke-Gilman Trail, our 9th Hall of Fame Trail, I think. I don’t know the exact number right off. Ron, Martha, and Joyce made this trip, while Ed drove into Seattle to do some shopping and wandering.


Ron on the “Burke”

Lots of flowers along the trail, and for most of our 10 miles down and 10 miles back (the trail is actually 17 miles long) we were able to ride in tree-lined areas and overlooking a large lake in Seattle. It was a good start for the trip.


Seattle Skyline

Then we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island (windy but scenic going across the lower end of Puget Sound) and from there drove on the Olympic Peninsula to the John Wayne Marina restaurant and the Sequim Bay Lodge. We were rather exhausted because it was after midnight then for EDT.

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