Katy Trail Day 3


Capitol Plaza Hotel


Ready to Ride

Maybe we went to bed earlier last night or maybe it’s because it’s the last big day of our ride; for whatever reason, we were on our way an hour earlier this morning, by 8 a.m. Our Katy Trail package at the Capital Plaza Hotel gave us a big buffet breakfast (room and food all for $79 plus tax!) and then we were going back over the Missouri River and down the spiraling bike pathway to North Jefferson and then on to McKittrick 42 more miles down the trail.

About four miles along I kept getting this weird sensation that my left contact was not in my eye, a suspicion that was confirmed tonight when I went to remove them here at Joey’s Birdhouse, our cute little cottage for the night. This is the third time I have lost a contact when putting it in but not realizing it’s not in until I’m too far away to do anything about it. I guess I just get in too big of a hurry and think it gets onto my pupil, bit it doesn’t. Obviously it upsets me to have to order a new one. Joey’s delicious warm cinnamon apple rolls helped me to forget my eye problem.


Limestone Trail

Now back to the trail. We saw our fifth snake, a 30″ black snake, our eighth or ninth turtle, more squirrels, more of the pretty little bluebirds, and either hawks or eagles–we couldn’t decide. I don’t think we’ve mentioned that this trail, though of crushed gravel like the Prairie Spirit Trail, is a lot more hard packed and thus easier to ride on. We are grateful for that since we had so far to ride. Some nice guys on the trail pumped more air into our tires, which reminded us that we need to practice using those little hand pumps at home so that we can effectively use them.


Missouri River


Church near Rhineland

We were able to ride along the river for a lot of today’s ride, with the scenic bluffs on our left, so it was interesting scenery for much of the way. We had dinner in Hermann, a historic German town, about three more miles and back across the Missouri River. Now it’s early to bed. Our legs, backs, and bottoms are beginning to feel the effects of three pretty solid days on the bicycle. It’s been a memorable adventure.

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