The Katy Trail from Rocheport to Jefferson City (40 miles)

I was afraid that this day was going to be tough because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I stayed up too late working on the blog, and sleeping in bunk beds wasn’t as easy as it was when I was 8:) Joyce actually woke up at 6:30, climbed off the top bunk and headed to the shower. I wanted to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, but we had a long day planned.


School House B&B

We met the owner of the School House B&B at 8:30, and he let us take a tour of their facility. If I ever come back this way, Ed would definitely like to stay in their B&B. We rode our bikes down to the entrance of town to take a short hike up to an overlook. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a view…perhaps it would be better in winter. Then, we made a quick stop at the Trailside Cafe to inquire about an adapter for my bike pump….no luck.


View of Missouri River


Sandstone Bluffs

We started riding about 9 AM. This part of the Katy was very scenic because it parallels the Missouri River in many sections, and there are rock bluffs along the left side of the trail. We passed several people on the trail today. We also saw another turtle (bringing the total to 5, I think) and Joyce had a close encounter with a snake (I’ll let her tell you about that).


Riverboat at Cooper’s Landing

We had a morning snack at Cooper’s Landing, a small marina and RV park on the Missouri. We pressed on to Hartsburg for lunch at Dotty’s Cafe. The food was good, and the whole restaurant was decorated wall-to-wall with Elvis memorabilia. After lunch, we realized that we only had 10 more miles to ride before reaching North Jefferson (our cutoff to Jefferson City).


View of Capitol

At the North Jefferson trailhead, Joyce spotted the Greenway Trail which took us over the Missouri River to downtown Jefferson. We had a perfect view of the Capitol from the bridge, but getting onto the bridge was kinda challenging. We had to ride up five flights of ramps to get to the bicycle lane. Fortunately, the ramps were perfectly sloped so it wasn’t too strenuous of a climb. On the other side of the bridge, we followed our Mapquest directions a few blocks to the Capitol Plaza Hotel.

We took our bikes to the room, changed our clothes, and walked to the Central Creamery – our reward for biking 40 more miles on the Katy Trail. After a brief rest, we plan to walk over to a pizza restaurant which is in sight of the Capitol. I promised myself to finish the blog before dinner so I can get more sleep tonight:)

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