Katy Trail Day 1


Working on Tires

After our waffle and bagle breakfast at the Hotel Bothwell, we took off for our ride. At the Sedalia Depot we decided to put some more air in our tires and started trying to use our new little hand pumps. I say trying because two nice bikers taking a break saw that we weren’t making much progress and offered to pump the tires with their pump. We accepted their offer and then we were truly on our way.


Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

For the next two and a half hours we pedaled, pedaled, pedaled, going 24 miles to reach our lunch destination and also get an ice cream cone for dessert. We deserved the ice cream because there were several gradual but long inclines on the trail.


Pressing Forward

After lunch the pedaling was easier, but it was still the same old routine of pushing forward. We pedaled another 26 miles after lunch to reach Rocheport, Missouri, by 4:30 p.m.


A View to the Side

It was a good ride seeing the trees surrounding the trail, the green expanses of farmlands in the distance, and some pretty birds. In particular was a bright little blue bird that almost looked turquoise. We saw several of this bird.


View of Missouri River

Our dinner was at a nice restaurant called Abigail’s and then we walked about a mile up this road to a winery where I had a cold Sierra Mist and enjoyed the patio view from the bluff overlooking the Missouri River. That was very relaxing and far removed from Atlanta life. It’s nice not to be in a car but seeing the scenery up close. So far I am not feeling any discomfort from the riding and feel quite blessed to be 66 and in such good health.

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