Prairie Spirit Trail Day 2

Of course Martha was up at the crack of dawn, but she waited until 7 wake me. After our continental breakfast we met a kind new person who is a good friend of the nice Garnett Inn lady who called him last night to see if he would follow us to Ottawa to leave the rental car and then drive us back to our bikes to start our day’s ride. It worked out real well, and he was so kind to do it for no pay. “Just do a favor for someone else,” he said.


Joyce on Trail

So at 9 in the morning we started north on the Prairie Spirit Trail to ride 26 miles to the trailhead in Ottawa. We got there about ten after twelve, so we made pretty good time. We saw more trees along this part, a black snake slithering across the trail, two bunny rabbits, and lots of pretty yellow and pinkish purple wild flowers.

Martha on Trail

We saw only two other bikers, so it was mostly just us and the farmland. As I write this now, it all seems so long ago, because after we finished the ride we had to go through the struggle to get the bikes back in the car, drive back to Kansas City, have lunch, and then wait briefly for our train to leave from the Union Station. it was an exciting train ride, my first time in thirty years to ride Amtrak, after a ride in the seventies from Denver to Salt Lake. We had our bikes right on the train car with us. We felt so adventurous and proud of ourselves for making and implementing all these logistics. In Sedalia we took an hour walk and then had a good salad dinner at the Hotel Bothwell, where we are staying, another relic from the past in its architecture, but the rooms are really nice. I am really having a good time.

2 thoughts on “Prairie Spirit Trail Day 2

  1. I guess I will accept your story that Ottawa is in Missouri, but I will be really suspicious if Toronto also starts showing up in the Blog.

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