Prairie Spirit Trail from Garnett to Ottawa (26 miles)

We enjoyed our stay at the Garnett Inn & RV ParK. I would highly recommend it to other bikers. The hotel is fairly new, and it reminded me of a Holiday Inn Express. The desk clerk went out of her way to find us someone who would shuttle us from Ottawa back to Garnett so that we could ride more of the trail.


Shaded Portion of Prairie Trail

As Joyce mentioned in her posting, we rode from Garnett to Ottawa in a little over three hours. Most of this section of the trail was slightly downhill with one 4-mile climb. We averaged about 10mph even though we stopped about every five miles to take a picture, stretch our legs, take a drink and grab a bite of the trail mix that Joyce prepared for our trip.

Getting our bikes back into the rental car was a chore. Next time we will definitely pay the extra bucks to rent an SUV. I had to remove my handlebars, and then we had trouble remounting them at the Amtrak station. The gear cables were all twisted around the frame of the bike, and we had to get two Aussies who were on a bike journey from California to New York to help us untangle the cables.


Deboarding Amtrak

The train ride from Kansas City to Sedalia was one of the highlights of the day. I enjoy riding a train…maybe because my Dad loved trains so much. We met a couple in their sixties who made our bike adventures seem wimpy. She and her husband have hiked and biked all over the country, and they live near the Katy Trail. She gave us lots of advice for our trip, including her business card in case we get stranded and need a lift.


Hotel Bothwell

When we deboarded the train, we had a short ride to our hotel. We’re staying at the Hotel Bothwell, which is only a few blocks from the trailhead for the Katy Trail. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow….the Missouri bluffs are calling my name….

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