Prairie Spirit Trail from Garnett to Prairie Preserve (22 miles)


Union Station

Today we flew from Atlanta to Kansas City, picked up our bikes at the Amtrak station, rented a car, drove to Garnett, Kansas and rode 22 miles on the Prairie Spirit Trail….a long day but well worth the trip.

Joyce and I were forced to quickly become experts on disassembling and reassembling bikes. When we picked up our bikes at the Amtrak station, we had to put the handlebars and pedals back on. Then, in order to get the bikes to fit in our rental car, Joyce had to remove her front tire. Tommy gave her good instructions and tools before our trip:)


Golden Yarrow

We rode our bikes from the Garnett trailhead to milepost 93, which has a view of the Anderson County Prairie Preserve. On the trail we saw two bunny rabbits, lots of birds (including a small, brilliantly colored turquoise bird) and countless cows. Anne, do have any idea what the bird may have been? (Indigo Bunting, thanks Anne)

Wildflowers on Trail

The farmland on both sides of the trail was lush green, not brown and barren as I had imagined. The trail vegetation was spectacular! We saw several types of wildflowers (purple phlox, golden yarrow, etc.) growing along the edge of the limestone gravel trail.

There were unusual cabbage looking plants rooted in the limestone every few feet. Can any of our followers identify this plant?



We also saw a few clumps of cacti thriving on the banks of the trail.

We returned to Garnett as the sun was setting and treated ourselves to a hamburger and shake at Sonic.

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