Prairie Spirit Trail Day 1

Our trip began with our plane trip to Kansas City, Missouri. From the airport we took a shuttle to the Amtrak at a neat, big old Union Station that had a beautiful ornate ceiling with magnificent chandeliers. It was out of the past and a real tribute to railroad times. There our bikes were waiting for us, having been all boxed up and sent by us (with Tommy’s help in packing) from Atlanta on Wednesday evening. We had to get the pedals back on and turn our handlebars and then lock them up until we could get back with the rental car. Getting them into the back of that car was a real trick and all we could do was to finally tie down the trunk with a bungee cord and old shoe string that I happened to bring.


Prairie View

Then we were on our way to Garnett, Kansas, where we checked in at the Garnett Inn and then took off on the Prairie Spirit Trail, going south for 11 miles to see the Anderson Prairie Preserve and then turning to ride back to our lodging.

Flowers on Trail

it was a good ride except for the gnats that came out of nowhere the last 30 minutes of the ride. The town seemed to fall asleep at 8:30 p.m. And so our only place open to eat was the Sonic Drive Inn. No ambience, but the strawberry shake hit the spot before we turned in for the night.

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