Packing for Kansas & Missouri

We shipped our bikes on Amtrak last Wednesday and were notified yesterday that the bikes made it to Kansas City:) A special thanks to Tommy, Joyce’s son, for helping us remove the pedals and adjust the handlebars so our bikes would fit in the shipping boxes.


Packed Panniers

The next step was to pack everything that we will need for six days in two small panniers each. In case you don’t know, panniers are storage bags which fit over the back tires of a bicycle. According to our friend Sandy, pannier is French for “bread basket.”

I packed and repacked several times, but here’s my final list: iPad, iPhone, five shirts, bike pants, two pairs of capris, jacket, rain poncho, camera, socks, flip flops, personal items, trail maps, rain bags, bike tools, and snacks. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning…I can’t wait to start our trek on two more Hall of Fame Rails to Trails: the Prairie Spirit Trail in Kansas and the Katy Trail in Missouri. These two trails will bring our Hall of Fame count to 8 out of 26… more details when we get to Kansas City….

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